HammerSounds is a mix of rhythm and kosmic music: electronic instruments and techno sequences, like in a magnificent musical journey, continuously create images in movement.
nuovo_album outsider ascolta
  07 . The Outsider Closed in my Mind
  .01 The Outsider play Closed in my Mind play
  .02 Afterglow    
  .03 Never in my Life play  
  .04 In the Shade    
  .05 Black Light    
  .06 Time is your Mind play  
alchemist butterfly pollicino
01 . the ALCHEMIST 02 . the Short Life of Butterfly 03 . Pollicino and Lightning Bug
.01 As the Story Goes .01 High Tide .01 Polly and Lightning Bug play
.02 Core Wire .02 Black Moon play .02 Dog, Fire and Moon  
03 Fairy Time .03 The Short Life of Butterfly   .03 Castor and Pollux
.04 A Very Brief Moment .04 Heartbeat of Wings Over play .04 Argonavis
.05 Water of Life .05 Luminous Flux   .05 Orion
.06 Bright and Early .06 End of the Earth .06 Cow's Stomach inside
.07 Night Vision .07 Ologramma .07 Fairyland
.08 Magic Ring   .08 Heart … Boundary Line   .08 Cow's Stomach outside
.09 The Alchemist .09 Ebb Tide .09 Cry Wolf  
    .10 Misure of Night
    .11 Pollicino and the Giants
    .12 The Man who Flies
cryptodira dark homo_homine_lupus
04 . Cryptodira 05 . the Haunter of the Dark 06 . Homo Homine Lupus
.01 Angel of Water play .01 Waxing Crescent play .01 Cogito play
.02 Fundamental Law play .02 Bedtime Story .02 Filia Temporis play
.03 Last Train play .03 Back When   .03 Nulla Dies play
.04 Earth Angel .04 Magic Lantern .04 Lupus Infabula play
.05 Waning Crescent Moon   .05 Arabesque Trees .05 Mundus Minor play
.06 Ravish play .06 Fire Eater .06 Multapaucis play
.07 Angel of Air .07 At First Light .07 Homo Homini Lupus play
.08 Scripta Elegant play .08 Peaceful Sleep .08 Ergo Sum play
.09 Abysses of the Mind play .09 The Caretakers of the Time…..with Robert Hammer    
  .10 The Man of Stone    
  .11 Birds in Flight    
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on “hammersounds
One Comment on “hammersounds
  1. Нola!
    Es verdad quee es la primera vez que he leido ttu blog y quiero comentar que me esta gustando y
    posiblemente me verdas con frecuencia por estos lares.

    Un saludo!

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